ArtsWave Graphics Work

Rendered elevation for community fundraising pitch. Sketchup, Illustrator, Photoshop rendering with Wacom tablet. 2012.

Invitation utilizing ArtsWave brand in a unique way. Illustrator, 2012.

Infographic created for board report - breaking down numbers and distribution in an easy to understand, graphically pleasing manner. Illustrator, 2011.

Powerpoint slide for national presentation highlighting ArtsWave in a condensed, graphic manner. Illustrator, 2011.


Communications Associate, Feb '11- June '12

  • Responsible for all in-house graphic design and web development for Cincinnati’s largest arts non-profit.
  • Modified or created from scratch 100+ designs for print and web.
  • Served as brand guardian to ensure consistency across communications. Oversaw multiple social media strategies.
  • Navigated all digital maintenance. Served as liaison between company & creative contractors.




print, web, multimedia