Nook: A Children’s Library in Over-the-Rhine

First floor entry perspective.

Anagram poem from VisualLingual ( provides inspiration for letters that form the Nooks in the space.

all four Nook walls spread out with letters from the poem imposed.

Final logo design for library. Concept explores the tertiary space found inside the letters, which is literally translated into the design.

First floor.

Second Floor.

Longitudinal Section.

Third floor interior Nook perspective.

Transverse Section

process sketches


Senior capstone project developed over the course of 9 months. 3 months of programming,6 months of design.

This project creates a branch of the Cincinnati Public Library in the Over the Rhine neighborhood tailored for children. Each floor of the library creates a different environment for specific age groups and reading levels. The library focuses on Montessori activities that shifts attention away from digital technology, giving preference to hands on, analog activities. The Over the Rhine community in Cincinnati is growing in so many ways. This library benefits those who need it most: our future.

The Parti diagram explains the need and desire for children to hide away in a “sequestered nook.” The following poem is an anagram of the phrase “Over the Rhine”, the Cincinnati neighborhood in which the library is located. The Nooks are created from the letters in the poem. The design gives a connection to the neighborhood, and relates back to reading, learning and the library.

Work in Revit, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


Nook: A Children’s Library in Over the Rhine


interior design, library